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Tailors Tower - Tailors Bastion

Built after the year 1405, Tailors Tower is part of the second chamber through the fortified walls and fortifications of the city raised in the first half of the fifteenth century and continued until the eighteenth century.

Tailors' Bastion and was named after the guild tailors who maintain and guard the city that was required at that point, the only bastion of the fortress which was fully preserved.

Over time, the tower was destroyed several times - in the years: 1551-1553, 1601, 1627 and 1707. Present form was given at last major reconstruction in the years 1709-1711, made by Austrians, from over 150 carts of stone. The tower was restored in 1956-1957, when they tried to open a museum of the history of Cluj, which was banned by the communist authorities in 1959.

In 1975 in the front the Tower it was raised a statue, carved by Virgil Fulica, in memory of Baba Novac, general of Michael the Brave. He was caught, tortured and executed by the Transylvanian nobles in city of Cluj.

Today the tower received a new destination: 'Urban Culture Center ".

The Tailors Bastion can be visited Monday through Friday between the hours of 09-19, and on Saturday and Sunday the program is between 10-18. The entrance is free.

Acces ways
You can take a walk, about 1 Km, to the Taylors Tower departing from Bellagio pension through Cipariu square.
Exiting from Michael Veliciu street, where the pension Bellagio is located, turn right to Constantin Brancusi street, from where in about 100 meters is the Cipariu square. There is a parking lot from where youa can take a walk to the Taylors Tower.

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