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„Simion Bărnuțiu” Central Park

The Central Park "Simion" has a central location in Cluj Napoca, being away from the city noise. It is an ideal place for a walk, the park has a length of 900 m, filled with cobblestone walkways with benches on the side, and a lake on you can make boat ride.

In 1827 the Women's Welfare Association has rented the land in order to establish a place of recreation. In the early 30s of the nineteenth century the park was opened to the public, initially under the name of People's Park. Later alleys and the lake were landscaped and music pavilion was built.

Today, Central Park has a great popularity. All those who cross the threshold can recreate using the many possibilities offered by the park. Besides flowers and green spaces in the park you can find statues and monuments, lighted basketball court, free fitness machines, a fountain surrounded by benches and specially designed children's park.

Chios Lake and Casino building are the main attractions. Summer you can make boat rides on the lake and in winter is an ideal place to skate.

Near the fountain is a "mushroom" where in summer symphonic music concerts are held, and every Saturday and Sunday during the summer there are civil marriages officiated by the mayor and municipality representatives of Cluj Napoca.

Acces ways

With  the 32 or 32B bus go from Cipariu station to Sora station (2 stops) and continue down the path through the Museum square. After leaving the square go up to Anticommunist Resistance Monument where the park begins.
Start from the Bellagio Pension. In Cipariu square forward to 21 december boulevard. Turning left on this  you forward near the city hall where you turn left on the first street.