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National Museum Of History Of Transylvania

The National History Museum of Transylvania in Cluj was founded on 23 November 1859. It is located in the Museum Square, on Constantin Daicoviciu street, at no. 2.

Transylvanian Museum Society was able to form a collection of more than 24,000 archaeological, numismatic and other pieces from various fields such as botany, zoology and mineralogy. These collections were taken over by Cluj university with its foundation in 1872. From 1929 the collection of antiques passed at the Institute of Classical Studies, but as lacking adequate space, the collection suffered several moves, she finally settled definitively in 1937 inside the current building from Daicoviciu Street. Pinacoteca and the ethnographic collection will underpin the establishment of two other museums Cluj, The Art Museum and the Ethnographic Museum.

Current collections of the National History Museum of Transylvania are presented in the main exhibition presenting the historical evolution and the degree of civilization in Transylvania from prehistory until December 1, 1918, illustrated by objects from archaeological excavations, medieval and modern collections of ceramics, mowers , glassware, weapons, documents and photographs, books and newspapers etc.
Roman lapidarium holds epigraphic and sculptural pieces and other varieties of marble stone, discovered in Dacia.

Medieval lapidarium brings together a unit collection and a number of works representative of stonemasons who, for centuries, have worked in the workshops in center of Cluj.

Thesaurus of the museum has over 4600 pieces of gold and silver: Neolithic idols, hoards of silver and gold jewelry, medals and decorations and everyday objects of precious metal.

Access ways

With the 32 or 32B bus you go to Sora station where in a 5-minute walk you can reach in Museum Square where the National History Museum of Transylvania is.

From Bellagio Pension turn right to reach Constantin Brancusi street. At the first intersection, in Cipariu square, go straight ahead until you pass the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral where you turn right. On  December 21st Avenue move forward to Shopping Centre Sora then turn right. On regele Ferdinand street go to the first intersection where turn left and turn left again at the first street.

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