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Matthias Corvinus House

Matthias house is located in the center of Cluj-Napoca, on the street with the same name. It is one of the oldest architectural monuments in Cluj Napoca, the only palace of the epoch of transition from Gothic to Renaissance.

In this house, built in the fifteenth century, was born on February 23, 1443, Matthias Corvinus, son of the great prince of Transylvania, John Hunyadi. Matthias was the greatest king of Hungary (1458-1490), scholar, patron of the arts, wise and just, being remembered today in songs and legends. In 1467, Matthias has exempted the owners of the house where he was born from paying taxes to the city, this privilege is reinforced by kings and principles that have followed.

Over time, Matthias house was converted into hospital prison, college and Transylvanian Carpathian Society Museum. There was exhibiting a collection of over 7,000 objects, including ceramics, embroidery, farm tools, ports, rural household items. Two of the rooms of the building were designed for evoking the memory of Matthias Corvinus and was exposed the 7 models which competed in the contest of 1894 for achieving the statue of Matthias Corvinus. Over 2,000 volumes of the collection were donated by Professor Otto Hermann. The museum functioned until 1935. Currently the Matthias house accommodates the University of Art and Design.

Opening hours are daily between: 10-16.

Access ways

With the 32 and 32 bus you go to Sora station. The Matthias Corvin house can be reached in a 5 minute walk from the bus stration.

From Bellagio Pension turn right to reach Constantin Brancusi street. At the first intersection, in Cipariu square, go straight ahead until you pass the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral where you turn right. On December 21st Avenue move forward to Shopping Centre Sora then turn right. On regele Ferdinand street go to the first intersection where turn left and turn left again at the first street.

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