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Fortress Of Cluj

Built between 1715 and 1735, Citadel had as main objective to ensure control of the city, after Transylvania passed under Austrian rule. Star-shaped walls, a redoubt, a tower and ramparts, that surrounded him, were designed by the military architect Giovanni Visconti Murando.

Vauban fortress housed the administrative buildings  and armory. During the Revolution of 1848, the fortress was used as a prison, here was closed and executed the famous Saxon humanist and fighter Stephan Ludwig Roth, one of the heroes of the Revolution.

Of the fortification are kept some walls, some buildings and the fortress was turned into a paratrooper Tower.

Today the Fortress is an opportunity for respite from everyday noise, a romantic and a great place for a walk above the city. Sunrise and sunset give another image to Cluj since can be seen many shining city lights.

With the 32 and 32B bus, departing from Cipariu station, go to Horea Station (4 stops). Pass the street and move toward the center, to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Cluj. Behind the building are the 237 steps that lead to Citadel.

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