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Cluj Napoca City Hall

Built in the late nineteenth century, the Cluj Napoca City Hall has an outstanding Viennese style baroque front and a corner tower with clock, that impresses with strength and sobriety that is released. The tower contains the county emblem (prefecture) of Cluj because its original purpose was to County headquarters.

Located on MoŇ£ilor Street, no. 1-3, Cluj Napoca City Hall is in such a way enlightened that the lights emphasizes the architecture, giving an medieval air.

Today, the building is the seat of Cluj-Napoca City Hall, local body governed by principles of administrative and financial autonomy, decentralization of public services, legality and eligibility of local public authorities, public consultations in solving community problems.

Acces ways
Starting on foot from Pension Bellagio to Cipariu square where you can take trolleybus 25 to Memorandum station (2 stops).
From Bellagio Pesnion turn right to reach Constatin Brancusi street. At the first intersection, in Cipariu square, go straight ahead until you pass the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral where turn right. On 21 december avenue move forward until you reach the City Hall.