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Avram Iancu Square

Avram Iancu Square in Cluj Napoca is the square who wore several names over time. Being located in the center of Cluj-Napoca, the square has a rich history and architecturally impressive buildings.

First name by that he wore was the Trencin Square after Ferenc Trencseni officer who fenced the area in the 1700s and used it to train soldiers.
Once liberated the area, it was decided to build an ornamental market. As the buildings began to be high on the sides of the market, they were given separate names. Eastern side became " Trencin Citadel string " (Trencinvár-sor), the west " Wood Market string " (Fapiac-sor), part of the Palace of Justice and the barracks "large barracks string" (Nagykaszárnya-sor). The north side foreshadowed of the street the outside area of Hungarians (Kulso Magyar utca).

The EMKE Square name, given after the Cultural Society of Hungarians in Transylvania (EMKE), was received after they decided to build a new civic center with two markets, one in continuation of the other.

The southern Square is known today as Stephen the Great Square.

In 1906 the square gets the Bocskai name, named after the only prince of Transylvania. After 1923, the square was called Cuza Voda. During the World War was called Hitler, and after it Malinovsky. In 1964 was named Victoria Square, as in 1993 to become Avram Iancu Square.
The most important sights in Avram Iancu Square are the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral, the Statue of Avram Iancu, National Theatre and Romanian Opera House, Palace Archdiocese of Vad, Feleac and Cluj, Cluj Finance Palace and the Palace of Justice.

Acces ways

With 32 or 32B bus starting from Cipariu station and stopping at the Tribunal station.
From Bellagio pension you can make a 10-minute walk to Avram Iancu Square. On Constantin Brancusi street go to Cipariu Square where go straight ahead and pass the Romanian Opera and the National Theatre.

With car is an approximately 8 minutes road, departing from Bellagio Pension, entering the Constantin Brancusi street  and forwarded to Cipariu Square where there is parking. From parking pass down near the National Theatre and cross the road to reach the Avram Iancu Square.