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Avram Iancu Monument

Avram Iancu monument was raised, in 1995, in honor of the memory of Romanian historical figure, by Elias Berindei sculptor at the request of former mayor of Cluj, Gheorghe Funar.

Located in Avram Iancu Square, the monument is surrounded by a fountain with games of light and water jets that are synchronized to the rhythm of music.

Near the Avram Iancu Monument are the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral, the National Theatre "Lucian Blaga", the Romanian Opera House, County Council building and building of Archdiocese of Vad, Feleac and Cluj.

The Avram Iancu Monument (Avram Iancu Square) is dedicated to the memory of Avram Iancu, who was the leader of the Romanian revolution in Transylvania in 1848-1849.

Avram Iancu (1824-1872) was born in 1824, in the village of Vidra de Sus, and died on September 10, 1872, in Baia de Cris, Hunedoara county.

Access ways:
With the 32 and 32B bus, departing from Cipariu square and stopping in Tribunal station.
You can take a walk, about 1 km, to the Avram Iancu monument departing from the Bellagio Pension, through Cipariu square and near the National Theatre