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"Alexandu Borza" Botanical Garden

With an area of approximately 14 hectares "Alexandru Borza"  Botanical Garden is considered the green stain of Cluj Napoca. Located near the old town, it offers a spectacle of nature being divided into several sections with plants from all over the world.

The Botanical Garden was founded in 1872, with an initial area of 4.3 hectares. By the care of Prof. A. Richter its surface increased to 9.6 hectares. In 1920, Prof. Alexandru Borza has developed a new reorganization plan for the botanical gardens, whose improvement was made between 1920-1930.

The important points that you can visit are: Japanese garden with specific plants and a small lake, Roman garden which is dominated by the statue of the Roman goddess Ceres, framed by two real coffins discovered in the old Roman city of Napoca, the tower where you can climb and admire a magnificent panorama over the city and greenhouses containing a variety of exotic plants, including Amazon lily, sugar cane, papyrus, mangroves, tree fern, insectivorous plants, eucalyptus, palm sugar, palm oil and carnivorous plants.

The 11,000 exhibits are divided into five sectors: ornamental (Mediterranean Garden, the Rose, Japanese Garden), the phytogeographic (plants are arranged according to their natural associations - Roman Garden), the systematic (plants are ordered by phylogenetic principles), industry and medicinal plants and the rare and endemic flora of Romania.

The Botanical Garden can be visited every day between 8-19 am and the greenhouses between 9-17.

It recommends a convenient outfit, the garden has a large area to visite.

Access ways
Start from the Bellagio Pension, on Constantin Brancusi street you turn left an forward to the first intersection where you turn right. At the first intersection you turn to Brasoc street, than left on the first street, which is Iosif Vulca. Entering the Republic street, after Sigma Center you turn right.

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