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Union square Cluj Napoca

The Union Square is one of the oldest and central markets of Cluj Napoca. Is grouped around the St. Michael Church, the largest market by size of the old markets in central and southeastern Europe.

The original name was Large Square (while the old city center was the Small). In 1869 officially became the Main Square. It was Matthew King Square at the turn of the century, Union Square during the interwar period. Since 1945 until 1999 it was called Freedom Square, for after that to resume the name in the interwar period to Union Square.

The most important sights in the Unirii Square are the Matthias Monument , St. Michael Church, the former Hotel Continental Building, Old City Hall building, NBR, University Library, Art Museum, Old Banffy Palace and Melody Hotel.

In 2011 were finished the restoration of the Matthias monument and the market into pedestrian space. In recent years, Union Square was
considered as the zero point of the meetings of young people in the city, and one of the most important points of everyday events in Cluj Napoca.

Acces ways
With the 32 or 32B bus you go to Sora Station from where in a short walk you reach the Union square.
With the car you go from Veliciu street, where the Bellagio Pension is located, on Constantin Brancusi and trough Cipariu square. You forward near the cathedral and turn legt on 21 december boulevard. After the Sf. Mihail church turn right on the first street, at the first intersection you turn again right and again right on the next intersection. On the side of the church is a parking lot.

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