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Bed and Breakfast Bellagio Cluj Napoca, Romania

The Bellagio Pension - Cluj Napoca offers to their clients and businessmens 4 stars accommodation and services in a quiet, central place but away from the city noise.

The pension, decorated elegant and tastefullz, offers 15 rooms of which 6 are double rooms with double bed, 4 are twin rooms with 2 beds and 4 are single rooms.

You are welcome to enjoy all the comfort and warmth that our pension offers!

Cluj Napoca City Hall

Built in the late nineteenth century, the Cluj Napoca City Hall has an outstanding Viennese style baroque front and a corner tower with clock, that impresses with strength and sobriety that is released. The tower contains the county emblem (prefecture) of Cluj because its original purpose was to County headquarters.

Tailors Tower - Tailors Bastion

Built after the year 1405, Tailors Tower is part of the second chamber through the fortified walls and fortifications of the city raised in the first half of the fifteenth century and continued until the eighteenth century.

Tailors' Bastion and was named after the guild tailors who maintain and guard the city that was required at that point, the only bastion of the fortress which was fully preserved.