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Bed and Breakfast Bellagio Cluj Napoca, Romania

The Bellagio Pension - Cluj Napoca offers to their clients and businessmens 4 stars accommodation and services in a quiet, central place but away from the city noise.

The pension, decorated elegant and tastefullz, offers 15 rooms of which 6 are double rooms with double bed, 4 are twin rooms with 2 beds and 4 are single rooms.

You are welcome to enjoy all the comfort and warmth that our pension offers!

Avram Iancu Square

Avram Iancu Square in Cluj Napoca is the square who wore several names over time. Being located in the center of Cluj-Napoca, the square has a rich history and architecturally impressive buildings.

First name by that he wore was the Trencin Square after Ferenc Trencseni officer who fenced the area in the 1700s and used it to train soldiers.
Once liberated the area, it was decided to build an ornamental market.

Matthias Corvinus House

Matthias house is located in the center of Cluj-Napoca, on the street with the same name. It is one of the oldest architectural monuments in Cluj Napoca, the only palace of the epoch of transition from Gothic to Renaissance.

In this house, built in the fifteenth century, was born on February 23, 1443, Matthias Corvinus, son of the great prince of Transylvania, John Hunyadi. Matthias was the greatest king of Hungary (1458-1490)