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Bed and Breakfast Bellagio Cluj Napoca, Romania

The Bellagio Pension - Cluj Napoca offers to their clients and businessmens 4 stars accommodation and services in a quiet, central place but away from the city noise.

The pension, decorated elegant and tastefullz, offers 15 rooms of which 6 are double rooms with double bed, 4 are twin rooms with 2 beds and 4 are single rooms.

You are welcome to enjoy all the comfort and warmth that our pension offers!

National Museum Of History Of Transylvania

The National History Museum of Transylvania in Cluj was founded on 23 November 1859. It is located in the Museum Square, on Constantin Daicoviciu street, at no. 2.

Transylvanian Museum Society was able to form a collection of more than 24,000 archaeological, numismatic and other pieces from various fields such as botany, zoology and mineralogy.


The Museum Square, located in the heart of Cluj Napoca is one of the oldest markets in the city. It is named after Transilavnie History Museum that is in its end.

The Old City Square, over time wore several names. Small Square was known in the Middle Ages (zhe Big Square was that surrouns St. Michael Church), and Karolina Square in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Today is known as The Museum Square.